Member Supervisory Board DEGIRO & Group - profile Marketing, Sales & Consumer Branding

Member Supervisory Board DEGIRO & Group - profile Marketing, Sales & Consumer Branding

DEGIRO is a leading pan-European online broker with its headquarters based in Amsterdam. The Company is mainly engaged in retail securities brokerage activities. Based on the number of transactions DEGIRO is the number 1 broker in The Netherlands with FY2017 revenues of € 40.9 mio. DEGIRO enables clients to trade anywhere at the lowest fees using a high quality trading platform. Said platform is a fully in-house modular IT system that allows DEGIRO to quickly respond to its changing environment. 

Member Supervisory Board - profile Marketing, Sales & Consumer Branding

Selection Criteria

In the new supervisory board DEGIRO is searching for candidates who –

  • Are familiar with the ins and outs of an international consumer-oriented organization;
  • Can provide experience and insights in developing, building, maintaining and re-positioning well-known brands in the market place;
  • Understand how state-of-the-art information technology can offer relevant solutions for customers, whilst appreciating the continuous and fast pace the company is going through;
  • Are able to act as a sparring partner to the members of the Executive Board, whose main goal is to constantly improve sustainable business performance;  
  • Are fluent in Business English;
  • Have an outstanding reputation and unimpeachable conduct;
  • Are able to understand the basics of a financial services company in a strongly regulated market;

Candidates are likely to have a background in one or more international businesses with a successful track record and strong brands. In addition, the position is open to non-executive directors who work and live outside of The Netherlands.

Note – Since the first two members of the supervisory board have already been selected, candidates for this third position in the supervisory are not expected to have built a career in the financial services industry. Ideally, however, they already fulfill one or more positions as a non-executive director.

More information about this position can be found via the button 'Profiel downloaden'.

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